Time to Grow some Roots


Stories, stories everywhere

Grow some Roots!The Seed by Pawel Jonca

When I was five years old, I got the leading role in my primary school play, Nature. To this day, I don’t know why I got that much coveted role (yes, aged five there were quite a few divas around me, who so wanted it!) but it was to be mine.

Each morning after 11am break, for two weeks, we smallies got into line, each with an index finger to our lips thus preventing unwanted chitter-chatter!  We walked along the dimly lit hall into what was called the assembly hall; a cavernous square shaped space filled with light from six huge south facing windows.  The ceiling was at least twenty feet high, perfect then for the voices of 40 children! We remained in our lines until we were called onto the stage by our teacher – the red velour curtains edged with gold thread reminded me of…

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